Creative Art Director & Motionographer
Freelance based in Buenos Aires.
Hola/Hello there, my name is Juan Velásquez, I’m a creative advertising art director &  branding enthusiast from El Salvador, currently living in Buenos Aires. I love Marketing, branding, and Motion Design.
My passion is driven towards Art Direction in all fields specially on advertising, I believe that design plays a key role in our lives, when mixed with creativity it helps us solve needs, that’s why I like it so much.
With 10 years of experience working between marketing areas  & freelancing as an art director and designer at any opportunity I had, I consider myself a problem solver.
I‘m highly passionate, risk taker, fast learner, traveler, who loves team work and likes making a difference no matter the challenges we face as a team or individually
Thanks’ for the time, let’s make a difference together.
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